Types of roulette games to try at the casino

When betflik 9999 we think of roulette games, many of us probably think of the sumptuous casino halls , with the plush tables on which the colored valuable chips are thrown. All this can be translated into reality today without necessarily having to travel to the casino hall. We can do this right from our armchair at home if we have a computer and a good computer connection. Moreover, we can try games directly from the mobile phone, since all the variants that we have today on the computer are also available on the smartphone or tablet. From this point of view, betting on roulette is no longer just an exclusive game, but is accessible to almost anyone, without much financial effort.

The game itself is several hundred years old, during which time it has experienced a series of substance transformations. Thus, at its beginnings, the game was composed of the roulette wheel, on which the 36 numbers were found, placed in red and black colored boxes, arranged alternately. Over time, the game took on new forms by adding the number zero to the roulette wheel, making the game much more attractive, but also more difficult. Later, the second zero also appeared, and this happened once the game crossed the Ocean, carried by French immigrants. Fortunately, the rules of the game have remained almost intact, so that today we can have roulette games almost identical to those of three hundred years ago, directly on the personal computer.

European roulette, the symbol of classic roulette
If we want really classic roulette games, then we can try European roulette. This benefits from a single zero on the roulette wheel, giving the game a medium difficulty. It is said that in fact the addition of the zero figure to the original game was based on purely economic reasons, in the sense that the casino owners wanted to increase their chances of winning in front of the players. In reality, however, the game thus acquired an extra difficulty, but also became more attractive.

American Roulette, more difficulty, more excitement
Another type of roulette games is American roulette. It is not known exactly when it crossed the Ocean, but it is believed that roulette was “exported” by French immigrants in the second half of the 19th century. The addition of the second zero made the game even more difficult , but even more attractive. Thus, American roulette is today one of the most popular and loved games in casinos around the world. Therefore, the argument that the zeros were only added to make the game less tempting and more difficult for players doesn’t hold much ground.

Try established roulette game strategies
Beyond its rules, in online roulette you have the opportunity to try several successful strategies today, which you can find in abundance on the Internet. Also, whole books have been written for some of them, so we can consider that roulette not only aroused the interest of dozens of players, but also of some prestigious mathematicians of the past.

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