Three ways to double your money at online casino roulette

The angpao789 game of roulette is one of the oldest and most addictive table games. Invented more than three centuries ago, it still dominates casinos around the world today, thanks to its elegance and, at the same time, its almost unlimited winning opportunities. Why unlimited? For a very simple reason: at online casino roulette you can bet in as many ways as you want, on any amount, in any combination of numbers you want. Even if, in theory, the game table has only 36 numbers, as many as are written on the roulette wheel, in reality, the number of possible combinations to bet on is much higher. For this reason, your chances of benefiting from one of these winnings are as varied as possible.

How many numbers do I need to multiply my stake?
One of the reasons why many people prefer online casino rouletteinstead of other table games is that here you rely only on your intuition in choosing your lucky numbers, without relying on luck, as happens, for example, in slot games. Basically, in roulette, you will always know exactly how much you bet and what to expect to win. Because of this, the game doesn’t leave room for too many surprises from this point of view. Once you’ve learned the rules, the game is pretty much self-paced, your only concern being to place your bets as inspired as possible. In online roulette, you can also win with a bet placed on a single number. In fact, this is the very biggest win, giving you a 35x multiplier. It is also possible to bet on two or three numbers, obtaining winnings multiplied by 17 or 8 times, and as the groups of numbers bet increase, the value of earnings decreases. That’s how we came to some of the most common bets, which can double your amount in just a few seconds, as long as it takes to stop the ivory ball on the inscribed roulette wheel.

Red or black numbers?
From this point of view, it should be specified that we will have 36 numbers written on the roulette wheel, the boxes being colored in red and black. They are arranged alternately, so it will be difficult for you to make any calculations regarding the speed of the ball or the force with which the dealer throws it on the backboard. Also, the number zero is written on the roulette wheel, which is usually colored green. If you bet on it, it will not bring you an additional win, but still 35 times higher, like betting on any other number. However, if you choose to bet on all the red numbers or all the black numbers, your amount will be doubled in case of winning at online casino roulette.

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