Successful strategies for casino roulette

The betflik free credit 88 game of roulette is one of the oldest casino games . After the game of dice, which is thousands of years old, casino roulette can be said to be the queen of casinos all over the world, regardless of whether we are talking about the European or the American continent. The game itself is over three centuries old, and over time it has seen an amazing evolution. Thus, from simple roulette, in which you had to guess one of the 36 numbers written on the lucky wheel, over time a zero or even two was added, as is the case with American roulette. All this only increased the difficulty of the game, but also the appeal. Therefore, if someone thinks that it is not worth risking the game of roulette because it is too complicated, they are wrong.

Use the rules to your advantage
However, in order not to play chaotically and not to lose money before even learning the rules of the game, those with experience in the field offer us some advice, which we should take into account. One of these refers to the very basic rules, which we would do well to know and apply to our advantage. Basically, the game of roulette has pretty much the same rules since its invention. The basic principle is to intuit the number on which the ball placed by the dealer on the roulette wheel will stop. If you bet on a single number, then the amount you bet will be multiplied 35 times. It sounds tempting, but equally risky, so more experienced players will recommend other betting strategies. Thus, at casino roulette you can bet on groups of two, three or even eight numbers. Also, you can bet on a sector of 12 numbers, on a line or on a whole column or even on half of the numbers written on the game table. Here, you can choose between even/odd, red/black or small/large numbers. Such a bet can bring you a double win, which is not bad considering the risks involved.

Strategies devoted to casino roulette
However, there are other strategies that you could consider, some of which have been tried and are already circulating on the Internet. We all think we have heard of Martingale, a characteristic strategy in casino roulette, but which can be successfully applied to other games, such as BlackJack, for example. Thus, Martingale is based on doubling the stake until our number or group of numbers comes out winning. From this point of view, we can say that the strategy, in itself, requires the existence of a suitable working capital, which will allow us to double the amount so that, in the end, we also get double the bet amount. We have to take into account, however, that after an unlucky six- or eight-hand casino roulette round, the amount we bet will increase exponentially. Therefore, if we assume that our bet will be ten lei, after 5 rounds,

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