Online Casinos in Connecticut 2023 – A Guide to Gambling in Connecticut

Connecticut is located in the most southern portion of New England in the United States. It is known by many names, including The Constitution State and The Nutmeg State, and its laws regarding land-based and US-based online casinos are quite stringent.

Our Reviews of Online Casinos in Connecticut

In fact, the law specifies that any form of gambling not specifically mentioned in it is regarded illegal. This means that the only legal forms of gambling in Connecticut are the State Lottery and charitable gambling, although the state’s tribal lands are home to two legal and wildly popular land-based casinos. Since online gambling at Connecticut online casinos is not mentioned in the law, it can be assumed that it is unlawful. Therefore, Connecticut players will not locate any online casinos in Connecticut.

Legal Status Of Land-Based And Online Casinos In Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has two of the finest casinos in the entire United States, despite the fact that gambling in any form is prohibited by law. If you are in the state of Connecticut, you should presume that all forms of gambling are illegal, including online gambling at casinos registered in offshore jurisdictions, unless you are physically present at one of the two casinos located on tribal lands within the state. Connecticut also permits charitable wagering via bingo, raffles, bazaars, and sales of sealed tickets, in addition to participation in the State Lottery. Therefore, any other land-based casinos, forms of gambling, or even online casinos in Connecticut are illegal and could result in legal trouble. The State is reportedly working on legislation that would permit the establishment of a third legal casino. This legislation may also contain provisions pertaining to sports wagering in the state, which could extend to daily fantasy sports. The definitive confirmation for this may not be available for months or even years. For the time being, the law remains straightforward: if the law of Connecticut does not expressly mention that a form of gambling is legal, it can be assumed that this form of gambling is illegal in Connecticut.

Present-day Land-Based Gambling In Connecticut

Connecticut’s gambling laws are very similar to those of many other states in the United States, in that they prohibit all forms of land-based and online gambling. And given that Section 53 of the Connecticut Statutes defines gambling as “risking any money, credit, deposit, or other thing of value for gain contingent in whole or in part upon lot, chance, or the operation of a gambling device,” the law is quite comprehensive. Despite this, Connecticut is home to two of the finest casinos in all of the United States, namely Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. These casinos circumvented the law in a very specific way: they are located on tribal territories, and on October 17, 1988, the United States Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, granting tribes the right to conduct gaming and gambling on Indian lands. Here are some additional details about these two tribe casinos:


The Mohegan Sun is a casino and resort in Uncasville, Connecticut, with golfing facilities, shops, and nightclubs, but more critically for the purposes of this article, a full-fledged casino with slot machines, table games, poker, and race books.

The Foxwoods is located in Mashantucket, Connecticut, and offers opulent accommodations, fine dining restaurants, and an abundance of entertainment facilities, including an online casino with slot machines, table games, poker, bingo, race books, and keno.

Under Connecticut law, you must be at least 21 years old to wager in either of these casinos. The state also operates its own State Lottery and allows bingo, lotteries, bazaars, and sales of sealed tickets for charitable purposes. According to Connecticut law, anyone 18 years of age or older may enter.


Casino Location Unique Features Size

Mohegan Sun Uncasville24/7 Poker, Spa, Hotel40 Poker tables370 Table games5500 Slots

Foxwoods Mashantucket offers round-the-clock Poker, Bingo, a Spa, and a Hotel.145 Poker chairs380 Table sports4800 Slots

Legislation Regarding Online Gambling In Connecticut

As one might anticipate from Connecticut’s stringent laws governing land-based gambling, online gambling is illegal in the state. Despite this, you may find numerous online sources stating that you can play at a Connecticut online casino. This is because Connecticut’s gambling laws are outdated and do not specifically address online gambling. The General Statutes of Connecticut, Section 53-278a(2), state that any gambling method not expressly declared legal by law is presumed illegal. This includes participating at online casinos licensed in a different jurisdiction or operating outside the state, whether in other U.S. states or even internationally. Even if a gambling website is lawful in another jurisdiction, such as a foreign country or another state, it is illegal for Connecticut residents to use that site to gamble. As always, we urge you to remain on the right side of the law of the state or country you reside in or are visiting; therefore, we request that you refrain from playing at Connecticut online casinos or any other online casinos while in Connecticut.


What should I be aware of regarding Online Casinos in Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut has extremely restrictive laws regarding land-based casinos and online wagering. At the time of writing, only the province Lottery and charitable gambling are permitted in the province. These activities are restricted to those 18 years of age and older.

It is not all gloomy! Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods, two land-based casinos in Connecticut, are located on tribal lands. In accordance with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, these are entirely lawful. Both require that you be at least 21 years old to enter and gamble.

Despite what some sources may claim, it is not secure for Connecticut players to gamble at online casinos registered in offshore jurisdictions. The state makes it abundantly obvious that this is not permissible.

According to reports, the state of Connecticut is currently working on legislation that will enable a third casino to open within the state, so things appear to be looking up for Connecticut residents. Supposedly, this legislation will include provisions that could legalize sports wagering, including daily fantasy sports. At the time of writing, none of this has been finalized, so the law remains unmodified.

Always observe the laws of the jurisdiction in which you reside or are visiting. This is the only method to ensure that your money, data, and rights are protected and that you do not run afoul of the law.

What It Means For Connecticut Gamblers Under the Laws Governing Offshore Casinos

Those seeking to play at an online casino in Connecticut will soon discover that they are illegal in The Constitution State. There are a number of websites that suggest you play for real money online at casinos licensed and/or operating in other states, other countries, or offshore. Additionally, these are illegal in the state of Connecticut. This is made abundantly clear on the website of Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection, which responds to the question “Is Internet gambling legal in Connecticut?” by stating, “Even if a gambling website is legal in another jurisdiction, such as a foreign country or another state, it is illegal to use that site to gamble from Connecticut.” Some Connecticut players may disregard these regulations and continue to search for online casinos that accept Connecticut players. However, this is not advised because, in addition to violating the law, you may be putting yourself, your money, your data, and your rights at risk, and the government will not be able to assist you. Therefore, all forms of online gambling at casinos in or outside of Connecticut should be considered unlawful and unavailable.


Online Casino Games Available In Connecticut

Due to the fact that online casinos are considered illegal in Connecticut, there are no online games available to residents or visitors of The Constitution State. In fact, keep in mind that even participating at offshore or out-of-state online casinos is prohibited. However, there is hope at the end of the tunnel! Currently, there should be a new piece of legislation in the works that will result in the approval of a third casino in Connecticut, and its language suggests that there will be the regulatory framework necessary for Connecticut players to engage in sports wagering. (which may also extend to daily fantasy sport). At the time of writing, nothing is confirmed, so please revisit this page frequently for updates.


Payment Options At Connecticut Online Casinos

We have no information regarding payment options or preferred payment methods at online casinos in Connecticut, as these are prohibited in the state. In addition to being illegal, as stated previously, playing at offshore-registered casinos may place your money at risk.


FAQs About Connecticut Online Casinos

Are online casinos permitted in Connecticut?

No, online wagering is illegal in The Constitution State. Despite this, you can find a number of websites that claim Connecticut-based players are wagering real money at online casinos and that you can do the same at offshore casinos. This is simply not the case. Indeed, Section 53-278a(2) of the General Statutes of Connecticut makes it abundantly obvious that any form of gambling that is not expressly permitted by law is illegal for all Connecticut residents and visitors. Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods are two casinos located on tribal lands in the state of Connecticut. These are considered two of the finest in the United States. Additionally, the state has its own State Lottery and permits charitable gambling.


Can I participate at an online casino from my smartphone or tablet in Connecticut?

No, it is unlawful to gamble online in Connecticut, including at offshore casinos that are registered. This is made abundantly apparent on the Department of Consumer Protection’s website, which emphasizes that Connecticut law still prohibits playing at online casinos registered elsewhere.


What casino games can I play at online casinos in Connecticut?

Due to Connecticut’s stringent gambling laws, Connecticut residents and visitors are now permitted to engage in any form of online gambling. At the time of writing, there are no online casino games available in the province. This may alter in the future, with the potential introduction of sports betting (including daily fantasy sports). However, until you read otherwise on a reputable news website, you should presume that this is still prohibited.


Can dollars be used to play online casino games?

Due to the illegality of online gambling in Connecticut, we have no information on this. If you are located outside of Connecticut and in a state or country where online gambling is legal, you should verify the terms and conditions of your preferred online casino to determine which currencies are accepted. And ensure you are satisfied with the terms and conditions prior to signing up!


Are these online casinos in Connecticut regulated?

All online casinos listed on this site are legal, regulated, and take all necessary precautions to safeguard your funds, personal information, and player rights. However, online casinos in Connecticut are illegal, so we do not list any on this page.


Am I eligible for an online casino incentive at a casino in Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut does not presently permit online casinos, so there is no secure or legal way to receive a casino bonus.


How do I begin gambling for real money at an online casino in Connecticut?

Playing at a Connecticut online casino or any casino registered in an offshore jurisdiction is prohibited by Connecticut law. Despite this, the state has two tribal casinos where adults over the age of 21 can play table games, slot machines, poker, race books, and other games for real money. Both Uncasville and Mashantucket have these.

What are the most prevalent online casino payment methods in Connecticut?

This is impossible to determine due to the illegality of online casinos in Connecticut. The same is true for online casinos registered in offshore jurisdictions, which are also expressly prohibited by state law.

In Connecticut, am I required to pay taxes on my gambling winnings?

If you meet the gross income threshold and are a Connecticut resident, any gambling proceeds will be subject to the state’s income tax. The same is true for those who reside in The Constitution State for a limited time each year. Those who do not reside in Connecticut but win money or prizes through wagering in the state are not, however, subject to Connecticut taxes. Obviously, all of these are derived from legal forms of wagering within the state.

Play At A Real Money Online Casino In Connecticut And Take Home A Fortune!

We hope this has been helpful and has answered any queries you may have had about playing for real money at an online casino in Connecticut. As always, we urge you to abide by the laws of the jurisdiction in which you are playing, to only wager what you can afford to lose, and to have fun!

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